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Checkweigher And Metal Detector Combination

Checkweigher And Metal Detector Combination

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The checkweigher and metal detector that is our offering for the customers in the market provide both precise weight regulation as well as the conformity that their products are free and safe from metal impurities. Every thing is available in a single area saving product. This detector provides a whole line of checkweighing instruments for various product checking to secure the brand of it as well as confirm the quality and safety to our customers.

Our checkweigher and metal detector supports the superlative accuracy and execution of our product along with an elevated sensitivity of metal detector and thus, removes the cost of separate conveyor.


  • System maintains metal debased products isolate from possibly recyclable off load products

  • Yield signals from the metal identifier and checkweigher work autonomous rejects

  • One rejects metal defiled products, while alternate rejects off weight items

  • Adaptability of the system—Our checkweigher and metal detector may be either advanced or basic as requirement for the usage

  • It provides highest status of stability and sensitivity with the least levels of false elimination