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Metal Detection System

Metal Detection System

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Metal Detectors System are a normally utilized identification technique for metal contaminants inside manufacturing plants. It will inspect for product contaminants while in movement, dismissing any products, which include defilement. This is designed for outdoor as well as indoor usage, for high affectability and additionally high separation requirements. Our metal detector system is simple to use with instinctive complete color touchscreens, logo driven menus, provides quick investigation as well as product set up, mechanically improving the system for every product sort permitting the customers to learn and switch in fractions of seconds. Our machine is intended for products varying from little prepared dinners through to pieces of cheddar, sauces, pharmaceutical tablets and pills and soups.


  • Personalized (Tailor made) gap sizes are accessible

  • High affectability

  • Made in compliance with the GMP, FDA and HACCP standard

  • Sound and visual sign on our product

  • Product impact compensation

  • Diverse models are accessible as indicated by application

  • Model–AMD (Every Metal Detection)- –Finds Non- Ferrous, Ferrous as well as untainted steel

  • Model of FMD (Ferrous Metal Detection)— Discovers Ferrous metal in alloyed layer packing such as aluminum

  • Model FAMD-blend of over two (AMD+FMD) models.

  • Programmed adjusting

  • Double channel working

  • Pneumatic fold, diverter arm, belt stop, air jet and belt retracting sorts of reject action according to usages

  • MS as well as MOC-SS is accessible

  • Ip65 regulation panels are obtainable

  • Thorough manual with approved test calibration units with declarations for approval inspection

Field of Applications:

Appropriate for dairy, sea food, dry-fruits, chemical, garments, pharmaceuticals, grains, confectionery, food processing, packing industries, spices, meat processing, rubber, home furnishing, paper industries, plastic industries and so forth.