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Spices Metal Detector

Spices Metal Detector

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Spices Metal Detector

Our offering of broad range of spices metal detector identify non ferrous, stainless steel and ferrous metals. It is outfitted with an extensive advanced screen for easy and clear comprehension for legitimate clearness of results. Exceptionally utilized as a part of biscuit and food industry, it is fabricated with high class steel or non ferrous studs and metals. Flat board identifiers as well as high-thickness line-examine strong state detectors. We are providing different models of our spices metal detector according to the Industrial usages. It is furnished with superlative segments, our metal detector provides precise outcomes in inspecting metal sullying in broken products.


  • Solid Affectability

  • Simple Establishment

  • Identifies Extensive Variety Of Metals, Wood And Power Links

  • Micro-Regulator Based

  • Great Sensitivity Detection

  • Computerized Touch Regulation System

  • Print Alternative

  • Secret Key Protection

Range of Spices Metal Detector
  • Model–AMD (All Metal Detection)-–Detects Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and stainless steel
  • Model-FMD (Ferrous Metal Detection)—Detects Ferrous metal in metalized (aluminium) film packaging
  • Model-FAMD-combination of above two (AMD+FMD) models
  • Automatic balancing
Availability of Spices Metal Detector
  • MOC- SS and MS available
  • Ip65 control panels are available